Project Amigo Mission Statement


1) ACCESS: To help disadvantaged and marginalized children of west-central Mexico achieve their highest potential by supporting education and providing material support, enrichment activities, and healthcare services not otherwise available to them.


2) SERVICE: To provide opportunities for volunteers from developed countries to do valuable humanitarian service and become friends with disadvantaged youth in Mexico.


3) FRIENDSHIP: To create and foster friendship and understanding between children and adults from developed countries and their peers in Colima, Mexico.


Education and literacy are powerful keys to create a brighter future for the world’s children who in turn benefit the nations they live in. For three decades, Project Amigo has worked with rural children in Mexico to continue their formal schooling up to and including the college level.

Project Amigo Canada Society (PACS) began in 2009. Your generosity provides educational scholarships, material support, enrichment activities, and health care supplies to students in the state of Colima whose families are unable to afford enrollment fees, books or school supplies.

Volunteer Work Weeks based at our headquarters in the beautiful hillside village of Cofradía de Suchitlán allow volunteers from developed countries to engage in humanitarian service and become both friends and sponsors of Mexican youth seeking the many advantages of education.