Migrant Mexican families from the southern Mexican state of Guerrero come to work the sugar cane fields which surround Project Amigo.  The sugar cane factory supplies the workers with substandard housing resulting in very poor living conditions.  Project Amigo has a long history of helping with education, clothing and basic essentials in some of the migrant camps. 


In 1997, Project Amigo began working at a camp on the outskirts of Queseria. Our work there progressed from helping a teacher sitting under a tree with a small group of migrant children to building a two-room school, a kitchen, bathrooms, water filtration, a playground, and finally to a four-room school that is now an official part of the Mexican educational system.


We’ve also provided services, goods and even food (during a management strike that forced the migrant workers to be unemployed through no fault of their own) to a couple of other migrant camps in the region.


Become part of the change with a $200.00 donation. The funds are pooled to serve the needs of all the children in the camp. Help supply books, educational supplies, new tennis shoes, clothing, food and field trips for the children.  Quarterly, as a migrant camp sponsor, you will receive photos of the children and the work accomplished by Project Amigo volunteers at the sites.