Ways to Give


Surrounding our service-core programs (Student Sponsorships and Humanitarian Work Weeks), we have continual yet revolving needs for “other” funds or contributions. Recent examples include the donation of two-dozen handknit sweaters for children at the Queseria migrant camp, funds for a new and badly needed vehicle, or funds to replace the seven-year-old computers in our Suchitlán cyber center. To find more ways you can give check out our support now page.


General Fund


With commitment to approximately 130 scholarship students, 300 sponsorship children, three cyber centers, a university boarding home, visitor housing and transportation, and various community health and service initiatives, we have constant and unpredictable needs not specifically addressed by our core funding categories. Your contribution could allow us to fix a sink, replace a laptop power supply, buy a satchel of oranges, a bundle of blankets, or send a scholar to a weekend seminar.           

Laptop Campaign

Raise $5,000 to provide laptop computers for our incoming college freshmen


Every Project Amigo scholar who continues into college receives a new, capable, yet modestly equipped laptop computer, as do some high school seniors in computer-centric programs like graphic design and architecture. Additionally, Project Amigo manages three supervised and open-to-the-public “cyber centers,” each equipped with several computers, a printer and Internet service. Your contribution sustains both of these ongoing program needs.  


Literacy and Book Campaign

Raise $12,000 to provide books throughout the 2014 - 2015 school year


Encouraging literacy and enabling education are foundational missions of Project Amigo. Your contribution of funds not books by personal check, PayPal, Rotary club grants or recurring payment allows us to continually renew our stock of new, high-quality, Spanish-language books published here in Mexico and shipped directly to Project Amigo, which we deliver by the thousands to deserving rural schools during our Literacy Work Weeks.


Children's Health Initiative


Contribute to our fund to help children with special medical issues. Currently we have several students in need of eye therapy.        

We know you care about your money is invested in our programs; 85 cents of every dollar goes directly to student programs. You trust us, and we take that seriously. If you want more information about our financials, please contact us.